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Google Tag Manager template

You can easily add WebwinkelKeur to your site using our Google Tag Manager template. All you need is to have Google Tag Manager set up on your site, and your WebwinkelKeur Shop ID.

Retrieve your shop ID

Retrieve your Shop ID from the dashboard by navigating to Installation. Your Shop ID is noted there.

Add the Google Tag Manager template

  1. Open Google Tag Manager.
  2. Select the container for your site.
  3. Click New tag.
  4. Configure the tag:
    1. When choosing a tag type, select Discover more tag types in the Community Template Gallery.
    2. Find WebwinkelKeur in the list and select it.
    3. Enter your Shop ID.
  5. Configure the trigger:
    1. Choose the Initialization: All Pages trigger (recommended), or the All Pages trigger.
  6. Save the tag.
  7. Submit your changes by clicking Submit in the top right.