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Retrieve many

Base URL

GET /webshops/fetch.json


They should be passed as query parameters to the URL. (ex.: ?language=eng&page=2)

token string (required)

Authorization token sent by us. Without it the API won't work!

partner string

Enter a partner's name in order to get only its webshops

status string

Could be used to get only active webshops for example.

Possible values:

  • goedgekeurd (default): approved
  • afgekeurd: rejected
  • geannuleerd: canceled
  • ingetrokken: withdrawn
  • keuringonderbroken: inspection interrupted
  • signup: signed up
  • stopgezet: discontinued
  • wachtend: waiting

language string

Set the language of the page URL.

The default value is the webshop's main language.

Possible values:

  • eng - English
  • nld - Dutch
  • deu - German
  • fra - French
  • ita - Italian
  • spa - Spanish

sort string

Default is sorted by ratings_count DESC.

All are sorting in Ascending order by default. If you want to sort in Descending order just add - in the begining of the value (ex.: -name).

Possible values:

  • name: Sort in alphabetical order by the webshop name
  • rating: Sort by webshop's rating (0-10)
  • ratings_count: Sort by webshop's rating count (how many ratings it has)
  • date: Sort by webshop's creation date
  • last_approved_date: Sort by certification last approved date

page int

Simple pagination. The default value is 1.

If there is no data on this page the API simply returns an empty array [].

limit int

Determinate how many webshops the API returns per page. The default value is 10.

search string

The value here can be a string or url.

The API searches for it in the webshop's name, description or website.

Show only webshops with featured flag set to true

Note: Passing this parameter will unset the limit.

Response headers

  • X-Total: Total count of all webshops (integer)

Response fields

  • id: Webshop's ID
  • name: Webshop's Name
  • url: Webshop's URL
  • rating: Webshop's Rating in float with no rounding (rating scale 0-10).
  • rating_count: Webshop's Rating count
  • icon: Webshop's icon/logo which appears in their member page. The m parameter is the timestamp of the latest icon modify. If no logo has been uploaded it generates an image with the first letter of webshop's name.
  • page: Webshop's Member page URL. Differs based on the selected language and/or partner.
  • hero_color: Member page hero color. The default design adds this color as transparent filter of the hero_image.
  • hero_image: Webshop's Hero image. The last parameter is the size (ex.: 1024px).

Both icon and hero_image urls can be changed in order to get an image in a different format and/or size. Here's a list of the parameters for these urls (/webshops/icon|hero/{ID}/):

  • size: Integer value. Determine the size in pixels
  • filename: Optional parameter. String value (ex.: "icon").
  • format: Supported formats are: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and .webp.

Example response

        "id": 1,
        "name": "Webshop name",
        "url": "",
        "rating": 9.6852,
        "rating_count": 12345,
        "icon": "",
        "page": "",
        "hero_color": "#df7e2a",
        "hero_image": ""